April News from our President, John Evans

Hello fellow members,

It seems that finally spring has sprung.  I know many of us were thinking that the snow was going to be around till mid-summer sometime but it is melting fast.  The trail signs are up closing the trails till after mud season.  Please respect the signs and landowner property and stay off the trails while the signs are up.  Who knows maybe things will dry out early this year and we can get a little earlier start to our riding season.  It is membership renewal time and we would encourage you to join again this year.  It would be great if everyone who rides our trails was part of a club, especially ours.   We continue to need all the support and members we can get to keep our club going.  I want to thank all those who have poured time and energy into our club in the past  to get it started and keeping the trails ride ready.  We look forward to a new season with a lot of work ahead of us again this year but hopefully a lot of riding as well.  I look forward to the time spent with family and friends riding and working on our trails.  It is truly a blessing to live in a place where such a large trail system is at our fingertips.  Hope to see you  at the next club meeting.  Till then I will be getting my wheelers ready to go.  Hope you will to.

President,  John Evans

More News in our March News Letter.

March 2014 Newsletter
March 2014 Newsletter
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