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Sandy River Riders ATV Club

Fall Ride with Les & Betty

Fall Ride with Les & Betty

Sandy River Riders are ATV owners that join together to maintain approximately 60 miles of trails in the western mountains of Maine. We maintain several miles of the New 140 mile Moose Loop Trail and connect to the trails systems of Salem Trail Riders, the Kingfield Quad Runners, and Narrow Gauge Riders.

Most of the hundreds of miles of ATV trails located throughout Maine are on private land and are maintained by local clubs. Cooperative agreements between private landowners, ATV clubs, and Maine’s ATV Program are key to the success of the trail system.

Please Tread Lightly!

It is a privilege to be able to ride on private land. Please Respect It!

Riding behavior that harms the land is self-defeating and irresponsible. Learn to protect and preserve your riding areas. In other words TREAD Lightly!

  • Travel only where motorized vehicles are permitted
  • Respect the rights of hikers, skiers, campers and others to enjoy their activities undisturbed.
  • Educate yourself by obtaining travel maps and regulations from public agencies; comply with signs and barriers; and ask owners’ permission to cross private property.
  • Avoid streams, lake shores, meadows, muddy roads and trails, steep hillsides, and wildlife and livestock.
  • Ride responsibly to protect the environment.

Help us keep the ATV adventures alive.

New Members are always Welcome.

Our regular club meetings are held at the American Legion Hall in Strong, April through October, every first Thursday of the month. We typically share a Pot-Luck meal at 6:00 pm, and conduct business at 7:00 pm.

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